Friday, July 20, 2012

i survived the week (barely)

so my 3 things tonight might not be all that cheerful & optimistic but after this week, it's the best i've got

1) i survived my 1st week of couch to 5k.  i walked/jogged/died 3 times this week. the worst was today for some reason.  my legs hurt so bad when i was done, i could barely walk down the stairs to get in my car to drive to work ... thankfully the Advil kicked in fairly quickly but it was pretty miserable way to start the day.  i am definitely repeating week 1 next week ... i am in no way ready to move on to increasing my running time just yet.  i need to be able to jog the 8 minutes i'm supposed to without dying on the side of the road.  i am however proud of myself for finishing week 1 ... and i am very grateful for the support on facebook and my partner in crime - Christine - who has agreed to do this whole thing with me ... i would not have gotten my butt out of bed today if i didn't know i had to 'report' to Christine on how i had done!!  so thank you for that!!

2) my oldest niece, my shorty, left today.  she was here for 7 days and is now off having an adventure in NC with her father, step-mother and step-brother.  it takes her 3-4 days normally to relax and adjust to our routines and rules and then she becomes a real sweetie pie  ... so that means we had 3 great days and she's off again. it will probably be thanksgiving again before i see her which is sad, but i'm happy to have had the time with her

3) honestly i'm rejoicing i get to have my life and routine back.  don't get me wrong - i have loved having my family and especially my nieces around these past 3 weeks but i really do need my routine back! my weight watchers has backslid and my beauty rest has been pretty non-existent since the end of june .... so here is hoping i can sleep in tomorrow and get back into my low-key, almost boring routine that i so desperately enjoy!!

hope you all have had a better week than i!!!


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