Sunday, July 15, 2012

sun night musings

what a whirlwind weekend!!  went out Fri night with the BFF for dinner and FroYo (news flash for those of you in the 518 ... there is this new FroYo place on Wolf Rd in the Panera Plaza called Lemondrops.  it's is sooooo good - with 10 different flavors of frozen yogurt and about 20+ toppings for you to add to it. the place is adorable, decorated in bright yellow & green - go check it out! you won't be disappointed) ... 

where was i?  oh yeah, my weekend.  so fri night was fun ... sat work was INSANE ... actually BEYOND insane!!  we were 3 people short and had about 500 more calls that normal to answer.  it was the craziest shift i've ever worked, even worse than new years eve and st patrick's day!!!  sat night my oldest niece from TN arrived.  i call her Shorty :)  she's 10 1/2 and lives with her mom and step-dad.  she spends 2 weeks with us each summer. currently, she has purple hair .... um, yeah ...  today was great, we did church, lunch, fro yo, grocery shopping and then big family pizza & wing dinner w/ games afterward. then we made lemon cake-mix cookies that we'll decorate tomorrow.

here she is with her bed bug Riley

my three things

1) i loved having my niece in church with me today!  she used to come to church with us every weekend from birth until 5 1/2 when she moved to TN.  it does sadden me to think that if she had been with us all this time, she would know the words to the songs, know kids her own age at church, probably know the pastor and pay attention during the messages.  but i am trying to focus on the positive and her being at church today with me and my mom was a very positive thing :)

2) cake mix cookies might be one of my new favorite things ... a cake mix, 2 eggs and 1 stick of melted butter ... that's it ... we made lemon ones tonight and rolled them in a little flour - used a flower shaped cookie cutter and there you have it ... (our theme for dinner tomorrow night in sunflowers - and it wasn't even MY idea - although those of you who know me, know i was definitely on board) ... only nieces / granddaughters get to pick themes for dinner i'm thinking  :)  we are going to decorate the cookies tomorrow with yellow frosting and mini choc chips and make our own sunflower cookies.  i'll post pics if they turn out cute :)

3) tomorrow, i'm going to start the couch to 5K program.  i'm putting it on here, so that those of you who read it, can be my witnesses.  feel free to ask me about it this week so i can tell you how it's going.  knowing you will be asking, will be really good incentive for me!!!

hope you all have a great week!  i have high expectations for a great week!!



Amy said...

Aw, she's adorable! (And I know it's probably not so much "appropriate" - but I LOVE the hair!) :)

I want frozen yogurt! I'll have to check that place out!

I have the BEST recipe for cake mix cookies - they're called Gooey Cream Cheese Cookies. You would LOVE them. But probably they're not a good idea if you're couch-to-5k-ing. :) I make them for Christmas to put in my Christmas gift packages to people. They are a huge hit. So fluffy and rich and (shh, no one knows this) easy!

Rachael said...

aww - thanks!! yeah purple would not be MY first choice, but she loves it. and an old guy at the grocery store today, like 85 years old, told her he liked her hair - which MADE her day i'm thinking :)

those cookies sound amazing and yes you have to give me the recipe!!

i missed you when you left yesterday! when i left at 830, we still had over 3 min hold times ... yup