Tuesday, September 30, 2008

how far we've come from the 1950's to today

I remember my father talking about the scandal that took place on network TV in the 50's when the show wanted to portray the married couple's bedroom. The rooms had 2 twin beds in them. The idea of portraying sex on television was so taboo, so controversial ..

Now, in 2008, we have a girl, willing to sell her virginity on ebay to pay for college.



Honestly, what type of person is going to pay tons of money to sleep with a virgin? Is virginity becoming such a rare commodity, that suddenly it's worth money? Is the idea of sleeping with a virgin such a desired commodity? It grosses me out to think about the types of guys that are bidding to be the "chosen one" ...

I'm so scared of what our country is going to be like, in another 10 years when my nieces are entering their teen years.

Monday, September 29, 2008

preparation for the week

For the past 3 weeks, on Sunday nights, I've been trying to get myself better prepared for the week. I'm trying to do laundry each week and as soon as things come out of the dryer, I've been ironing those things that need it. That, in and of itself, is pretty huge for me. I've lived in my house over 2 years now and I don't think I once brought the ironing board out. I can only imagine what all my co-workers think of my clothes each day.

Okay back on track, so after I've ironed everything, I've been putting together outfits for the week - pants, shirts, even a matching bag (because yes, I'm that obsessed). If nothing else, this shows me that I have more clothes than I think I do. It's so tempting to always think I have nothing to wear, when in fact I have 2 closets full of clothes and shoes. (I need to go through them, as I can probably donate over 1/2 of it and not notice the absence). So when I see that I have 8-9 outfits all hanging in my closet, that makes me feel pretty happy. This makes my mornings less stressful - as I don't have to figure out which clothes are clean and if they match. :)

Secondly, I'm also planning out my meals for the week. I'm using this pretty cool website, http://www.sparkpeople.com/, that has all these meal plans and gives you tons of options to choose from. You can track weight loss, how much water you drink and what foods you've had for the day. If you pick your meals for the week, you can even print out a shopping list. This is helpful because now I only buy what I actually need and am able to save $30-$50 a week at the grocery store. The best part is that the website is all free!!

Thirdly, I'm balancing my checkbook each week. I started using Microsoft Money and I love the bugets and graphs and everything it shows you after you've entered in all your transactions.

If I can get all of this done on Sunday evenings, the workweek doesn't appear quite so daunting and I usually function better when everything is organized.

Now, for some of you, I know the idea that I'm not organized in everything I do, is hard to believe!! My house is usually the most chaotic part of my life. My desk at work is usually cleaned off each night, but at home it's pretty much the exact opposite. I'm trying to get better!

Friday, September 26, 2008

somedays i hate my job

i just had to let 2 of my staff know we have to cut their hours by one shift a pay period. it's not a huge cut, and no one is being laid off, but neither of them is happy with me right now.

i've been screamed at, even though she said she wasn't mad at me, that didn't stop her from dropping a bunch of f-bombs and raising her voice so that everyone in the bldg could hear

i may have a voodoo doll (or 2) of me created tonight ... ugh

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

well, top ten lists seem to be popular this week in the blog world ... so i guess it's my turn to create one (i'm not sure i can come up with 10 ...)

i do know it's been an emotional few weeks for me ... so here are the things that have made me cry lately (not in any major order)

  • the final game @ yankee stadium on Sunday night ... this could probably count for half of my 10 ...
  1. when bernie williams made his 1st appearance at the stadium since 2006,
  2. when bobby murcer's widow & 2 kids walked out to center field,
  3. when jorge posada came out to catch the 1st pitch, even though he had surgery earlier this year and couldn't play in the game
  4. when babe ruth's daughter threw out the 1st pitch
  5. when derek jeter made his speech from the pitcher's mound after the yankees won the game ... (click the link, you know you want to watch it)
  6. when the yankees tipped their caps to the fans and then walked around the entire field
  7. when getting ready for work on Monday morning and the radio guys were talking about Jeter's speech and replayed it - yep I cried again
  8. when talking to a co-worker about the game on Monday
  • a difficult conversation with my best friend
  • the ending of the book "The Friday Night Knitting Club"
  • 2 movies "PS I Love You" and "The Martian Child"
  • becoming overwhelmed with work and all the new projects i'm being asked to do
well i think that's enough tears for me for awhile. (i count 12, so that's even more than the required 10) for whatever reason it was a long, emotional, exhausting summer for me. i thought that once fall came around, things would get easier.

i know that all my tears for a baseball game might get me laughed at, but the yankees and yankee stadium are a part of me. i don't know how else to describe it. my honest answer to the question, where is your favorite place to be is 'yankee stadium' ... there's nothing quite like being apart of 55,000 people, yelling at the top of your lungs, jumping up and down when someone hits a home run or makes a spectacular play ... high fiving and hugging perfect strangers ...

some of my best memories from the past 9 years have been at Yankee Stadium. if the city of NY decides to tear down the stadium, i may have to take that day off of work. i might just be inconsolable

Monday, September 15, 2008

1st official blog

Okay well thanks to some prodding by Christi, I decided it's time for me to blog. Watch out!! I don't know if I can be as funny or uplifting as others on here, but I'll give it a shot.

So I survived a Monday at the office ... last night I got a call around 7:30 from one of the supervisors saying the power was out at the office and the phones weren't going to the answering service. This is never a good thing; because as a hospice, one of the things we promote more than anything else, is the availability of nurses 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We do have a way to keep the phones running during a power outage, but it involves going to the office and plugging in an old time phone (not quite as bad as a rotary phone, but pretty close). Anyways, the biggest downfall to a power outage, is that our Keyless Entry to our office, doesn't work! So, the supervisor and I were on the phone for about an hour - as she searched for open windows and ways to get in the building. Normally my office window doesn't lock; nor is there a screen on it but it's kind of on a 2nd level. So she was able to call the fire chief who came with a ladder and was able to climb in my window and let her in the front door. Now the greatest part about this story, is that neither the fire chief, nor the police office asked her for any kind of ID at all. So she could have totally been a robber or a disgruntled employee, and they would have climbed in the window and let her in. Craziness.

Anyways, I was laughing my head off at her the entire time. I was pretty glad I wasn't the one at the office having to break into my office window!! I guess that is one benefit to not living close to the office.

With gas prices the way they are right now, that might be the only benefit to not living close to work! I'm a bit scared, because gas prices in Nashville were over $5.00 a gallon on Saturday. Thanks to Hurricane Ike I believe. I'm really really hoping those prices do not reach the East Coast. Or I'm going to be sleeping at my friend Cheryl's house on work nights and then find a room to sleep in on Saturday nights, close to church. My life will become a revolving suitcase and a pull out couch. And my reasons for not buying a prius or civic were????? I can't remember.

What I'm reading: Purpose Driven Youth Ministry, a cheesy romance novel, and soon to start Dangerous Wonder
CD in my car: the new Kutless
Latest music added to my ipod: David Crowder, Remedy; Hillsong United; Sanctus Real and of course, the new Chris Tomlin :)
Looking forward to: my last trip to Yankee Stadium on Wed night and seeing Sanctus Real and 10th Ave North on Friday night
Regretting: no regrets today (yet)

Okay I think I've written enough for tonight ...