Tuesday, September 23, 2008

well, top ten lists seem to be popular this week in the blog world ... so i guess it's my turn to create one (i'm not sure i can come up with 10 ...)

i do know it's been an emotional few weeks for me ... so here are the things that have made me cry lately (not in any major order)

  • the final game @ yankee stadium on Sunday night ... this could probably count for half of my 10 ...
  1. when bernie williams made his 1st appearance at the stadium since 2006,
  2. when bobby murcer's widow & 2 kids walked out to center field,
  3. when jorge posada came out to catch the 1st pitch, even though he had surgery earlier this year and couldn't play in the game
  4. when babe ruth's daughter threw out the 1st pitch
  5. when derek jeter made his speech from the pitcher's mound after the yankees won the game ... (click the link, you know you want to watch it)
  6. when the yankees tipped their caps to the fans and then walked around the entire field
  7. when getting ready for work on Monday morning and the radio guys were talking about Jeter's speech and replayed it - yep I cried again
  8. when talking to a co-worker about the game on Monday
  • a difficult conversation with my best friend
  • the ending of the book "The Friday Night Knitting Club"
  • 2 movies "PS I Love You" and "The Martian Child"
  • becoming overwhelmed with work and all the new projects i'm being asked to do
well i think that's enough tears for me for awhile. (i count 12, so that's even more than the required 10) for whatever reason it was a long, emotional, exhausting summer for me. i thought that once fall came around, things would get easier.

i know that all my tears for a baseball game might get me laughed at, but the yankees and yankee stadium are a part of me. i don't know how else to describe it. my honest answer to the question, where is your favorite place to be is 'yankee stadium' ... there's nothing quite like being apart of 55,000 people, yelling at the top of your lungs, jumping up and down when someone hits a home run or makes a spectacular play ... high fiving and hugging perfect strangers ...

some of my best memories from the past 9 years have been at Yankee Stadium. if the city of NY decides to tear down the stadium, i may have to take that day off of work. i might just be inconsolable


Christi said...

"Crying? There's no crying in baseball?!"

Haha, sorry, I had to.

But seriously, I feel for you. It's like the end of an era. And everyone knows how sentimental and mushy I get at the passage of time. You deserve a good bawl (as in crying, not the thing the pitcher throws, though you probably deserve that too).


Sonicth3Great said...

well, if your going to cry, it might as well be for sports, like watching Rudy, or Remember the Titans, or Cool Runnings when all the Jamaicans are walking off the run at the end carrying the busted sled and Sanka Coffee say "Deries, you dead?" and Deries says "no mon, I ain't dead, but I have to finish the race" and then the slow clap starts or in Armageddon where Bruce Willis says goodbye to his daughter and tells Ben Affleck to take care of her, which isn't technically a sports movie but it is about a giant ball flying through space and since it's Bruce Willis it qualifies as not gay.

Christi said...


hey, i'm Rachael said...

christi - everyone was crying on sunday night - i think it was the one time it was allowed!! :)

jeremy - i cried in all those movies, except for rudy - for whatever reason, rudy just bored me ... lol