Wednesday, October 29, 2008

disconnecting (can i actually do it?)

so i was checking out the hotel where we are staying in pittsburgh for youth specialties. and, apparently you have to pay for wi-fi (boo, hiss). so it got me thinking... and i've decided to leave my laptop at home and go 5 days without the internet.

can i surive?

no facebook, no email, no google reader?

i think it will be healthy for me! i'm even going to disable to mobile facebook (yeah i know, i'm addicted) so i can be completely disconnected.

i'm looking foward to getting away and being refreshed. i'm hoping this YS conference will give me the relaxation, encouragement and replenishment i need. i'm also hoping to get some new ideas on how to be effective in youth ministry. and i'm hoping this trip unites our ministry team even more than we already are.

i'm sad i'm missing my small group on thursday night. (shout out to my girlies, christi, erika, molly, jaime, and jodi - i hope you have a great night, complete with lots of laughs, a few tears, and a few minutes of deep discussion!!!)

i'll talk to you all on tuesday some time!! pray for me, if you think of it!! i need to hear God's voice this weekend! we are taking the grace bus, dave turner might be driving (so, yeah, that might need some prayer too!!) :-)


1 comment:

Christi said...

you can do it rachel!! but I will be sad that we will not get blogging updates :(

Maybe you can text us?!

Have fun! We'll be praying for you!