Wednesday, October 8, 2008

had the best time tonight

so my life has been pretty crappy the past few weeks. i've been in this weird funk that i couldn't shake at all last week. work has been pretty rough and i haven't even wanted to have all that much of a social life.

due to this funk, i didn't make any time to prepare for my small group i lead for my high school girls on saturday. so instead of doing a lesson, i wrote up 20 questions and put them in a bowl. each of the girls drew a question and then we all answered them. it was a great way to get to know my girls better and for them to be open and honest with each other. some of them were silly questions, like 'who's your favorite celebrity' or 'where do you want to go on your honeymoon' (which interestingly enough, all high school girls seem to have this planned out ... lol ... none of them even had to think about it!!). i also had some deeper questions like 'how's your relationship with your parents' and 'what made you cry last'

i have to say this was one of my best groups ever. for someone who likes to be prepared and organized, for something so spontaneous to actually work was pretty amazing.

so then tonight, i stopped by the small groups happening @ the youth center to give some announcements ... one of the guy leaders wasn't there and we were going to combine their group with another one. the guys decided they would rather run their own group than combine. one of them jokingly suggested i lead their group. so i said, sure i'll stay for a few minutes, just to get you guys settled.

i ended up staying the entire time. it was so much fun. of course, we didn't get to the lesson ... but we did talk about their weeks and then i gave them a chance to ask me any questions they wanted ... so we talked about sports and music and colleges. then, i told them they had a one time chance to ask me any questions about why girls are so mysterious or baffling. and they didn't hesitate to ask!! it was great. towards the end, they told me i should have an 'ask rachael' blog on facebook where they could ask anonymous questions about the mysteries of girls. it was too funny.

i can't say it's conventional at all, or probably something that should happen every week. but for tonight, having a female leader in their group was a pretty positive thing.

and it made my week.

i don't know how balanced my world is, if the thing that i look forward to most, is hanging out with high schoolers ... but lately, it's about all that keeps me going.

i'm hoping i get over this funk soon. i'm not one to normally be ruled by my emotions. i have been determined to make this week better, and it seems to be getting that way. i'm not back 100% but i will be soon!


lost in thought said...

yeah i have to say you are one of the most stable emotional people i have ever met, even when in a funk.

it was nice to see you today :)

Bryan said...

that is awesome! that is what it is all about! ... keep it up!