Sunday, October 5, 2008

i'm thinking of riding the bus

So I've figured out I can take the bus from close to my house to church on Saturdays for youth group.

It will take me over an hour but will only cost a few dollars. I guess the question then becomes, is my time worth the cost of gas if I drive myself. I can imagine it would be nice, to read for an hour or listen to my i-pod. There's even a return bus that I could probably work with my schedule.

But what happens if I get lost? If I can't figure out what to do? Am I comfortable enough without my car if I get turned around or get on the right bus? Normally I'm great with directions, having been blessed with a good sense of direction. I love maps and enjoy getting lost a time or 2, if it means I can figure out a different way to go somewhere.

But that is from the safety of my own vehicle, where I'm in control.

Things to ponder ...

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Christi said...

Dude, go for the bus.

I've had to take it a couple times, once at about 1am (long story) and it's pretty easy to figure out.

Although it isn't the cleanest way to ride, so if you are Howie Mandel, then stick to the car.