Friday, April 23, 2010

good neighbors

I've never been a very "neighborly" person.  Not that I'm unfriendly or rude, but I have grown up in the Northeast and have become used to people being suspicious when you are "too friendly".  So I always wave, say hello and smile, but I haven't been all that social with my neighbors.

Until I got my dog...

For the past year or so, I've been outside more, walking the dog, playing with him, etc.  I've talked with almost all the people on my street (there's only 8 house on the street) and have even learned their names.  I'm definitely enjoying getting to know one couple that lives across from me.  They have a little boy in kindergarten and a pit bull mix named Buddy that is probably Riley's "best friend".  If Buddy is outside and Riley isn't, he pretty much barks and whines and worries until I let him go out to see his friend.  The best part about it, Buddy is one of the best dogs I've ever met.  He's obedient, friendly, stays in his yard (off leash, no fence), and is great with Riley (who's about 1/3 of his size).  Since Buddy is so well behaved, I can let Riley off his leash and they run and run and run some more.  Which I love to see!!

This afternoon, I was talking to my neighbor as our dogs played and she told me that Buddy was now protecting my house as well as his!  Yesterday, I had a construction crew at my house, removing an old fuel tank from my side yard. Well I guess when Buddy was outside in the morning, he noticed all these strangers in my yard, his hackles went up, he growled and actually ran over to my yard to "protect" it.  Now once the construction guys paid attention to him he relaxed and was friendly.  I do wonder what went through their minds when they saw this pit bull charging towards them!  But I think it's sweet that he was defending his friend's territory :)

It's pretty cool to get to know my neighbors.  One more way I guess I'll be prepared when I don't live in the northeast anymore :)

Happy weekend friends!


Jeremy said...

That's a great story!

Bandit sits on the front porch and oversees things in the neighborhood. If he sees anything at Piggy's next door or Widget's across the street, he let's everyone know it.

Rachael said...

@Jeremy - I can totally see Bandit doing that - he's like the grandpa in his rocking chair :)