Tuesday, August 28, 2012

happy girl

tonight, i am a very happy girl.  today might have been the first day in almost a month where i was genuinely and totally excited almost to the point of dancing around my living room

here's my very happy girl 3 things for today

1) today i had a random day off. originally i took the day off the spend with my friend M in NYC.  however, my trip got postponed so i was left with a day off with nothing to do.  this is NOT a bad thing!  after working both days this weekend i was happy to have a day of 'nothingness'.  i did 2 loads of laundry, caught up on some tv watching, paid some bills (more on that later) and did a little shopping.

2) my good deals of the day: i found a pair of pants on sale for $3.50!! you read that right!  since when can you buy pants for $3.50???  they cost more than that when you buy them used at Salvation Army!!!  Anyhoo, i got a new outfit for $19 and found a new comforter set for 1/2 off as well!  treated myself to a fro-yo lunch and thoroughly enjoyed my day :)

3) for the past 4 years, i have been enrolled with a credit card consolidation company since september of 2008.  every month for the past 4 years i have paid a hefty monthly payment towards paying down the balance of 5 credit cards.  i have been scrimping and making due for the past 4 years. i have downsized and sold things and even moved in with my parents last september.  i was due to finish paying it all off in April of 2013.  but, thanks to picking up extra shifts at my 2nd job, and putting almost all my paychecks to extra monthly payments, today, i made my last payment EVER!!!  my debt has been paid, my days of being chained to interest and monthly payments and financial instability are over.  when i made that payment, i had this huge smile on my face and may or may not have danced around the living room by myself!!!

so that's me ... the happy girl on the couch tonight ... :)

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Anonymous said...

Im soooo happy for you. Just think of all of that money that you WON'T have to shell out anymore. There MUST be a vacation in our midst...