Thursday, August 30, 2012

just 3 things ... lite

ok so here is my super quick 3 things for the past few days

1) my little niece Tessa is doing soooo much better!  she's still in NICU but should be off O2 all together tomorrow and she will soon be able to take a bottle.  her sisters got to meet her today (briefly) which was pretty much against hospital policy, but since my brother works in the same hospital, they made an exception ... which ... rocks :)

2) one more day of work and then 3 day weekend!!  and i'm heading to the NYC for the whole weekend ... can.not.wait ... ... NYC get ready!!

3) i'm thinking i might like to try my hand at photography ... now that i have a little extra spending $$  each paycheck ... anyone have any camera suggestions???

happy (almost) friday everyone!!

look forward to some NYC adventure stories next week :)


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