Monday, August 27, 2012

just 3 things...about my dad

just a few things about my dad that you might not have known ... these are all things about my dad that made him unique, things that make me smile as i remember them ...

1) he was a PhD.  He worked at this for most of my life; he received his masters and then his doctorate from seminary.  His topic for his dissertation was way deeper than anything i could have written.  i don't even know the entire name or even the whole subject matter.  it was something along the lines of ethics and religion in the civil war and the decisions that were made.  i'll have to find this out for sure because i think at some point i'd like to read the entire dissertation.  he was a voracious reader. he loved to read historical biographies and just about all non-fiction historical books.  he read the local newspaper and one of the NYC papers every single day.  he enjoyed being informed and educated on all of our country's events.  

2) he loved Mariano Rivera.  he grew up in alabama and was therefore a braves fan until the late 90's when my brothers and i started REALLY following baseball and i began my eating, sleeping, breathing yankees baseball phase.  he was thrilled that his kids were getting into baseball and although he wasn't happy it was an american league team, we quickly "converted" him to a yankees fan. he was always happy when he was talking to me about the most recent game.  he loved nothing more than listening the ball game on the radio, no matter where he was.  he even had an app on his iPhone so he could listen to just about every game.  Mo was his favorite player.  he always said that the year that Rivera was inducted into the baseball hall of fame, he would be there.  i'm thinking i will have to be there that year instead of him. 

3) he shot a teenage boy one time ... yep you read that right ... with a real pistol and everything ... when i was in college, one christmas vacation, we had almost 20 kids come stay with us for 10 days.  we had kids sleeping on every available floor space.  i still don't know how my mom managed to feed us all ... but she someone did.  anyways, one of the last nights they were all there, my dad loaded up his black powder pistol with everything except for the bullet.  he walked into my brother's room and told one of the boys in there that he had had just about enough of his talking ... he told him if he said 'one more word' he would shoot him ... of course, the boy called my dad's bluff and said something like "now, Mr Lynn" and ... yep, my dad shot him ... the boy fell over the other side of the bed, fully thinking he had actually been shot with a bullet.  those of us not in the room, all came running into the bedroom because everyone heard the "shot".  by that point, my dad was keeled over laughing hysterically and the rest of us were joining in the laughter. (PS this boy had grown up to be a stand up comedian - and i'd love to know if this story is part of his "routine")  i'm pretty sure my first reaction was to be embarrassed, because seriously, none of my friends dads would 'shoot' anyone in their home ... is it any wonder that i didn't have a bunch of fellas trying to date me back then????

there you have it ... just a few things about my dad :)

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Anonymous said...

Seems like you've painted an accurate picture here ;) Gotta admit, though...I Wouldnt have expected the shooting... But Im not too surprised :)