Sunday, June 10, 2012

a few sun night ramblings

a lot has happened since i last wrote but i am sitting here staring at the screen not exactly what to type

i can say nothing all that exciting has happened but it has been a very busy few days.  worked both jobs thursday, worked friday during the day and then went to a jewelry party my sister-in-law was hosting, went to my full time job saturday morning to help with our annual yard sale / bake sale, then went to work at the answering service, church this morning and then back to the answering service for another 6 hours, then late dinner and movie with my mom brings me to here

i'm exhausted just typing all that out ...

here are my 3 things for tonight

1) we sang this song today in church "Jesus You Are Worthy" by Brenton Brown and the lyrics that stuck out to me were the ones at the end "justice and mercy meet at on the cross".  that thought has stuck with me throughout today. God's justice that I deserve was sentenced not to me, but to Jesus instead.  And that Jesus death on the cross was enough to pay the price for my guilt, that God accepts that as payment, therefore i receive God's mercy in accepting that Jesus' punishment covered my sins.  i know it's something i've heard and come to believe for entire life but to just think about the the simple truth about justice and mercy coming together in that one moment ... it makes me speechless ... and truly grateful
listen to the lyrics of this song

2) mom and i watched the movie Courageous tonight.  of course, i cried my eyes out ... i'm a sucker for movies like that ... where an adult puts forth a serious effort to reach a teenager ... the one scene that made me cry in the previews before i ever saw the movie was where the dad in an effort to spend time with his son, decided to start running with him ... 
i have to say that this movie was made by the same people that made Fireproof and they used a lot of the same locations and i even think houses ... so that was a little distracting  ... and it ran a little long ... but the story was very inspiring and i think any father who watches it would be stirred up to become a better father and man.  he has this speech at the end that was pretty great and he has several statements like this were he says "i don't have to ask  who will teach my son to follow Christ, because I will
after all my years in youth ministry, trying to help kids who's parents were happy to let their youth leaders be the ones to instill good characters in them and try to reach them, to teach them to follow Christ, i fully believe more proclamations like this are needed, where parents realize the responsibility that is theirs, embrace it and strive to never give up in their endeavors

 3) week 1 of weight watchers has been completed ... i weigh in tomorrow and we'll see how it's working ... 

night night all,

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