Sunday, June 17, 2012

girl shopping urban legends revealed

happy sunday night!  tomorrow looms another week and i know most everyone dreads mondays ... but i have to say ... each monday that passes really does bring us all one step closer to the next chapter in our lives ... i'm certainly feeling that way ... while i'm not wishing my days away, i am happy to see the weeks pass as the future seems like a friend i'm very much looking forward to hanging out with

1) here is my very girlie story of the week .... today my mom and i did a little church, lunch, shopping day ... and i was really only looking for 2 things, shoes to wear in the lake when we are on vacation (because yes, i'm pretty sure that rachael lynn will be swimming in a lake ... ) (for those of you who know me well, you know that this is a milestone, because i don't think i've stepped foot in any water that i couldn't see the bottom of (pool or ocean) in a very very very long time ) ... anyhoo ... back to the shoes ... so i find the shoes i need, but while i'm in there trying them on, i find several other very cute, very comfortable, very affordable shoes in my size ... none of these things happen that often ... so of course, i had to buy 2 pairs (plus the water shoes) ... one happened to be a very cute pair of sandals that i really liked, even though i honestly didn't have a thought in my mind of what i would wear them with but i bought them anyways.  then later on in the day, we were in kohl's and i happened to see a shirt that matched those shoes pretty perfectly.  said shirt was in my size and on sale ... so of course i put it in my basket ... then as we happened to wander by the jewelry section, did i or did i not find a necklace in the exact same shade as the shirt and the shoes ... also on sale.  so of course i have all 3 items in my possession now :) did i NEED any of them? nope.  but i'm telling you, this is like a girls urban legend ... it NEVER happens and today it was my day apparently :)

2) just 2 more weeks of work and then it's VACATION time!!!  need i elaborate???  it's much needed and even if it rains the whole time and the cabin smells like mold, i will not care.  i will not be working, i will not be commuting, i will not be staring at a computer for 8+ hours a day ... i will however, be spending much needed time with some of my very favorite people in the ENTIRE world and it's all going to be good :)\

3) here's my shopping tip of the week ... bath & body works is having their semi-annual sale and all of their bath gel is on sale for $4.... many of their 'retired fragrances' are back and on sale for $3 and there are many other things in the store for 50-75% off ... GO.STOCK.UP.

i hope you all are as excited and happy as i am for this upcoming week!!!


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