Wednesday, June 6, 2012

who wants to buy a house in VA beach with me??

hello hello everyone
hope it's been a good day for you
first off, just want to say Happy 30th birthday to my baby bro Jonathan. now that he is 30, i feel like it's official, my brothers and myself, we are all grown ups now ... i know technically we were all "adults" when we hit 18 or 21 or even 25 (car insurance discounts and all that) but there's something about 30 that says ... yep, i'm an actual grown up now

jon and i talked a few times when we were younger about the 4 of us all buying property on some water somewhere so we could all have a designated vacation spot, family gatherings etc

just for kicks, i looked tonight at some houses for sale on the ocean in VA beach ... 

and i quickly closed the website ... 

$3,500,000 to $4,000,000 for a 5 bedroom house on the ocean ... might be slightly out of our price range ...

(it's awfully purty)

but i do really like the idea of the 4 of us trying to find some place ... of course nothing will be central to all of us as long as Sam decides to reside in Egypt ... (oh it's only california - but it might as well be egypt because it's very far away)

ok so here are my 3 things for tonight

1) i made 48 cupcakes tonight for a work bake sale this weekend ... it was nice to have something to do, to keep my hands busy so i wasn't thinking about eating all night ... and surprisingly making the cupcakes didn't tempt me to eat them ... :) i would have been a goner for sure if it was cookies i was making so i'm glad i picked cupcakes instead

2) my Yankees are tied for 1st place tonight!!  since May 21st they have gone 9-3 and have moved into 1st place ... great performances from the pitchers and the hitters seem to be waking up and the home runs are increasing ... it's a fun time of year that's for sure!!

3) 4 weeks from today is July 4th!  it's always a fun holiday and i'm doubly excited because that's my vacation week this year ... 3/4 of the family will be together for the week and hi-jinks are sure to ensue

that's it for me tonight -hope you are having a good day/night where you are ... 

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