Thursday, June 14, 2012

where has this week gone?

this week feels like it's flying by. i can't believe my last post was 4 nights ago!  crazy town

here are my 3 things for tonight ... in no real order

1) my brothers and i went in on a pretty cool gift for our dad for Father's Day.  and because he will be out of town on Sunday i gave him the present last night .. we all went in to buy 2 tickets for he and my mom to spend a day in Groton, CT deep sea fishing :) i found this bus tour that will taken them to Groton, about 4 hrs away, then they'll spend 6 1/2 hours on this very large boat, fishing, enjoying the water, eating / drinking at a little grill inside the boat and then come home.  all gear is included and any fish they catch will be cleaned for them so they can bring home.  it seems like a pretty sweet trip and we picked a date in august so both of them would have time to get off work ... dad was definitely surprised last night ... normally we all buy him amazon gift cards because he never goes anywhere without his kindle but i thought this would be a nice change of pace for him ... 

2) i'm getting excited for our yearly family vacation!  it's the week of july 4th.  last year, the ENTIRE fam (16 of us) went to Orlando for the week and of course spent most of our time in Walt Disney World ... this year ... we are going to rent a place on Schroon Lake here in the Adirondack mountains.  the house is a converted boat house and is probably a wee bit small for the 3/4 of our fam that will be together ... there's no a/c, prob not great cell phone reception and not all that much to do.  but surprisingly i'm very excited for the family time, the peace and quiet this place will bring, the chance to RELAX and not focus on work or bills or my life ... 

3) i will find out for sure tomorrow, but i'm pretty sure i'm picking up an additional part time job in july.  it's with my full time company just working for a different department.  i can work from home in the evenings and the concentration of the work is only from the 10th to 20th of each month.  while i don't really relish the idea of giving up the few free evenings i do have, how can i turn down overtime pay?? so if you think you haven't seen / heard much from me lately, it might get even worse for a little while  ...

my goal is in sight ... this extra income will solidify my ability to have everything paid off by the end of august!

alright, that's all from my part of the world ... what is exciting where you are??


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