Saturday, October 6, 2012


i posted this on facebook and twitter on last saturday

"Starting to realize how few days I have left in NY. Makes me happy & sad, excited & scared, just a bundle of contradictions"

This statement still sums up how i'm feeling.  i'm so excited about being close to my nieces, so happy at the idea of a fresh start and a brand new section in my book called "life".  but i'm so sad & scared about all of the people and memories that i'm leaving behind.

I've been planning out my last month here and trying to make sure i "fit" in everything i need / want to do ... my time is filling up so quickly.  I'm also starting to realize all of the "lasts" i'm going to experience

  • my last NY fall season
  • my last shift at either of my jobs
  • my last time to just 'hang' with my 2 best friends
  • my last midnight movie extravaganza with my BS girlies
  • my last church service at Grace
  • and on and on and on the list goes
i want to make sure i remember all these things and treasure them.  i want to enjoy them and focus more on the good and not so much on the "last" part of them

so i'm hoping to be more consistent on here, to capture all of these memories and moments i'm having

yesterday i went to Vermont with my mom and her 2 sisters (visiting from Alabama).  it was a very fun trip.  they had me laughing so hard a couple times i almost ran off the road. it was great to take them places they had never seen before (like the Van Trapp family lodge, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Ben & Jerry's Factory, show them the foliage in most of its splendor (see below picture), and experience new things together too (like take the ferry across Lake Champlain from VT into NY).

i posted a bunch of pictures from our adventures yesterday but i just want to share this one again because this tree was breathtaking

i will get back to my normal "3 things" tomorrow but just had to get these thoughts / feelings off my heart tonight ...



Amy said...

I'm going to miss you so much! I'm glad I get to see you a lot before you leave, though! And it's going to be such an exciting adventure, your big move! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures with the kids! :)

Anonymous said...

My entire grown-up life has been spent with you. You've been part of the filter that funnels what and how I do things, which decisions I make, the answers to some of lifes biggest questions. No one else holds that post. Your leaving won't change that. Youre one of two who'll always be my forever friend. But I am a little bit overcome by the fact that we won't have our just get up and go adventures any more. I love you lots.