Sunday, October 7, 2012

sun night musings

my 3 things tonight are a jumbled mess ... random things with no thread to connect them but they are the things on my heart this past few weeks

1) the closer i get to November 9th (my last day at my full time job) the harder i'm finding it is to keep my "filter" in place.  it's harder to keep my mouth in control when i'm at work.  in the 13+ years i've been here, there are MANY things that i just "do" because i'm bad at enabling people to not learn how to do their job correctly  as it's simply easier to just do it than deal with the incompetence that others seem to exhibit.  well now that my time is limited i'm finding it a whole lot easier to say ' guess what, it's time you learned how to do YOUR job because i'm leaving here soon and won't be able to do it for you'.  On one hand, it's freeing to just let go.  But on the other hand, i have to fight the temptation because i really do want to continue to uphold my strong work ethic and not undo the good 'name' i've worked all these years to maintain.  so i will continue to fight this for the next 5 (!!!!!) weeks

2) baseball POSTSEASON is upon us!  i LOVE this time of year ... all of a sudden every game becomes a MUST WIN and the intensity increasing exponentially!  in past years, i've had conversations with perfect strangers in grocery stores and while pumping gas about great post season games!  it's a fun time of year to be a baseball fan (if your team is playing i guess).  but this year it makes me sad too.  baseball was one of those "things" that i shared with my dad.  he and i loved to watch the games together if possible and if not, then talk about them the next day.  there were times he would call me in the middle of a game to either complain about how a-rod wasn't hitting or to celebrate how just amazing Mariano was pitching.  a few years in a row, when i had ZERO extra money, he bought me tickets to playoff games on a bus trip; he made sure he was my driver and always reserved the front seat for me so i could be near him.  he bought me tickets to the parade in 2009 when the Yankees won the world series.  it made him happy to do this for me especially the years when i was too broke to even conceive of paying for the tickets myself.  i am definitely missing him   tonight during game 1 of the ALDS.

here is a picture of us last year in the parking lot before the game where Jeter hit his 3000th hit

3) we sang the song "Jesus You are Worthy" today at church today.  i blogged about this back in June - how this song just humbles me and makes me so grateful.  the phrase "justice & mercy meet on the cross" and all it means when you think about it.  if you haven't heard this song (either at all or in a while), do yourself a favor and watch the video below.  it will uplift & encourage you

hope you all have a great week!!

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