Saturday, November 17, 2012

just 3 things ... about my best friends

this is my 2nd to last post in the series i've got going on here ... tonight, i want to let you know about both of my best friends.

but before i start that post, i want to give a quick update on what all has been going on in my crazy life!!  some of you know that november 3rd was the last day at my part time job and november 9th was the last day at my full time job.  so i've officially been unemployed for a week now!!  in the past 7 days i have crammed in a ton of fun, overdue things, including:

  • went away for the weekend with my BFF (see #2 below) - where we did some outlet shopping, toured the hershey chocolate factory (and spent way too much money on chocolate!!) and had lots of laughs along the way
  • gave my dog a hair cut and bath (not fun so much, but definitely overdue)
  • had a sleepover party with my bestie (see #1 below) and her 5 kids - was able to celebrate her 4th's 10th birthday and then spent time the following day shopping with more laughs - we've decided we are officially old when we spend more time commenting on the current clothing styles and how similar they look to the ones we wore in middle school than we do to actually trying on and buying of said clothes :)  one old lady even stopped us in TJ Maxx and told us we were having too much fun :)
  • had a girls night in NJ with my BS girls (see previous blog post about these girls) where we went to opening night of the latest teeny-bopper vampire movie that we remain (maturely) obsessed over
  • in between all the "gallivanting" i have finished packing up all of my earthly belongings (other than a few clothes) and have secured moving truck and hotel reservations for the big move (NEXT WEEK!!)
one other thing i HAVE to tell you about and then we can get on with the "real" blog for tonight.  so as you know, my last day at work was november 9th.  if you know me at all in real life, then you know that the entire 13 years i've worked at this office, i have had problems and drama with one woman. for almost the entire 13 years i worked there i have prayed that God would let her find another job and leave my office.  well, as of november 12th, He answered that prayer.  Yep, the first Monday i wasn't there, was the day she turned in her resignation.  anyone out there think that God doesn't have a sense of humor?????

enough about me ... let's talk about my 2 best friends

1) best friend # 1 who i lovingly refer to as my 'bestie' is someone i have known since i was 12 years old. we met at a church / homeschooling (shudder) association picnic. she was the "cool" one, opposite of me in every way ... she was short, i was tall, she had brown curly hair, mine was blonde and straight, she was skinny, i was not, she had clear skin, i used a lot of Clearasil, she was quiet and i talked ALL the time, i could go on and on ... however, despite all of our differences, we became really good friends.  we had sleepovers at each others houses on friday nights and spent as much time together as we could.  throughout the years we have remained best of friends, despite all of the twists and turns our lives have taken, we are still very close and are pretty actively involved in each others lives.   so here are 3 things about my bestie C
here we are at 13 :)
  • she is the definition of a great mom.  she has 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. these are really good kids, and i'm not just saying that because i'm their honorary aunt ;)  they get good grades in school, are active in sports, help around the house and don't hassle their parents (too) much.  i give their mom a lot of credit for the way these kids have turned out.  even though they don't have a lot of money, she makes sure they have the clothes and shoes they need, has their bedroom decorated very cute, makes birthdays special each year and has made their house a warm, inviting, comfortable home
  • i have had a few pretty big crisis in my life and C has been there to see me through all of them.  throughout the years, she let me come over and vent about all the craziness going on in my life, she would make me stuffed shells and let me yell or cry or whine or whatever it was i needed at that particular time.  she let it be known her couch was always available to me when i needed it.  i've mentioned in the past that she was with me when i found out that my dad had died and was with me every step of the way during those hard days. 
  • she gave me my nickname that all kiddos everywhere call me by.  all of her kids, all my nieces and most other kids who meet me use this nickname.  i met each of her kids when they were less than a day old and the youngest i was actually in the delivery room with her when he was born.  she allowed me live vicariously through her when i was desperate to be married and have kids of my own.  so her little guys will always have a special place in my life :)
2) best friend #2 who i lovingly refer to as the "BFF" i have known for 10 years now. i met R when i first moved to the albany area; we worked together for about a year at a retail store and started to become friends when co-workers got our names mixed up (all the time!!)  after i stopped working there, we stayed in touch and became very good friends.  she's 5 1/2 years younger than me but that hasn't seemed to make a difference to us. we have been on numerous weekend getaways together and even 2 week long summer vacations. she has met my entire family and i hers.  she is the first person i want to call when i have good news and the one i know i can talk to when things are crappy as well.  so here are 3 things about R
R and I on our way to VA Beach in 2008
  • she is a middle school english teacher who frequently talks about teaching being a "calling" and not a "profession".  she is a softball coach, dance chaperon and class sponsor.  she loves her students, is super dedicated to them and takes their education very seriously.  i wish i had a teacher like her when i was in middle / high school.  she teaches them everything from the Bible to the Hunger Games to Huckleberry Finn :)
  • she LOVES her family more than anyone else i know.  she has some complicated family dynamics but despite those, is super close to all of them.  her family has all embraced me as one of their own on more than one occasion.  i've shared many meals with them, even thanksgiving.  she seems to be the glue that holds her family together and has inspired me to be better at this myself
  • she "gets" me more than anyone else.  one time, i had been away on a trip and had a very bad experience.  i also had some family / personal crisis going on at the same time.  i called her up, crying on the phone and within 45 minutes, she was at my house, with a pizza and some york peppermint patties and we stood in my kitchen for over an hour, pigging out and her letting me talk and cry all i needed to.  she has an innate ability to understand what people need and when.
both of these women have helped make me the person i am today.  i am going to miss both of them  horribly when i move; and probably could not make this move without having 100% faith in them and in our relationships; despite me living over 900 miles away from them, i know we will be able to keep our friendship strong and intact

thanks for sticking with me through this post - i know it's one of my longest ones :)

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