Monday, November 19, 2012

The Nieces

well, it's pretty much official at this point.  i picked up the moving truck this morning and almost all of my earthly possessions are loaded on to it.  i've got some friends coming over tonight for a farewell party and then tomorrow afternoon my bro B and I are heading out with the moving truck, towing my car behind us.  we are planning to drive to Erie PA and then meet up with my mom and sister-in-law later that night.  then all of us will head towards KY on wednesday morning

all of these things have been in the planning stages for MONTHS now and it doesn't really seem possible that moving day has actually ARRIVED!!!

my new adventures launches tomorrow around 2pm!!!

while i had a few minutes i wanted to conclude the last blog in the series i've been working on.  some of you might wonder why exactly i've been doing these blogs.  my mom and i were actually talking about it last night.  one of the biggest regrets i have is that i did not have a chance to say good-bye to my dad before he died; i didn't have a chance to let him know how much i loved in and share some special memories we had made.  well, one of the lessons that i have learned through my father's death is that i shouldn't wait to tell those people in my life that i love just how much i love them and why.  so i decided to do all of these blogs.  so that my mom, my brothers, my friends and others would know some of the reasons i love them and some of the fun memories i have about them each

today i want to tell you about each of my nieces.  they are one of the primary motivations for me wanting to move, for wanting to change my life, so that i can be closer to them and be a real and primary presence in their lives.  i want them to change me, to change my perspective and to continue to question things, to experience child like faith and wonder

so here is a little insight into each of my nieces and who they are right now

1) shorty
my shorty is almost 11 years old and lives with her mom and step-dad about an hour from where i will be living.  she has light blonde hair and huge blue eyes.  when she was younger, she was very much my 'mini-me' - in looks and in personality.  i was used to seeing her every week from birth until around 5 years old when she moved away from me.  she loves roller skating, art, punk clothes, sour candy and justin bieber.  she has a very creative brain, loves to paint and listen to music, she has a fabulous imagination and (right now) the color purple!  she is very smart and is in an accelerated program at her school

2) the bear
my bear is 7 years old and is the oldest daughter of the brother i will be living with.  she has very long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.  she has a very sweet personality, loves to help her mom with her little sisters and being a great little mama to her american girl doll and bitty babies.  she was reading before she ever went to kindergarten and in fact was a little disappointed that kindergarten wasn't more challenging :)   she loves to sing and listen to music.  she is also very good at art projects and loves to dance.  she has a very tender heart, hates to be in trouble and gets scared very easily

3) the bug
my bug is 5 years old and the apple of my eye.  she has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes and we wonder where she really came from since both her parents have brown eyes and darker hair.  she is completely left brained, super creative in both art and music, loves to cook and play with her dolls.  she needs her alone time and can usually be found sitting at her art table coloring pictures or at the computer playing educational games.  everything that comes out of her mouth is hilariously funny and usually out of the blue.  she's a deep thinker and has the adorable speech pattern that i hope she never grows out of

4) the bean
my bean is almost 2 years old and thinks i'm the best person EVER.  she has light brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.  she is just starting to talk and has developed probably the strongest personality of any of her sisters yet.  she has very definite opinions about what she will and won't do.  but she is also extremely lovable and is quick to snuggle and blow kisses.  she decided this summer when we were on vacation that i was going to be "her person" and it seems still feels that way.  she has brought her mom her cell phone before and said my name clearly :) she doesn't exactly know what to say when she's on the phone but she knows she wants to talk to me

5) the baby
the baby doesn't have an auntie nickname yet ... she's still too little.  she was born the end of august and gave us all quite the scare when she arrived 3 weeks early and very anemic.  she is recovering nicely though and is no longer a teeny tiny alien baby.  i'm so excited to be around her during her first year, to be able to enjoy the snuggling time and being there when she discovers things for the first time.  i'm also really looking forward to being there to see her personality develop and begin bonding with her

so now you know a little bit about each of my nieces and i imagine you are anxious to know more.

i am planning to start a new blog and am hoping you will follow my adventures there.  i'm hoping to be able to post on my adventures with the girls, some of their cutest quotes and a few grown up conversations as well.

i hope you'll follow along on my adventure to become the world's greatest aunt at

i don't plan on posting any more on this blog so please change any links you might have.


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