Monday, November 12, 2012

just 3 things ... about my middle brother

so sorry about the delay in getting this blog post out ... it's been a crazy crazy few weeks for me!!!  lots of adventures have already happened and several more are planned!!  not to mention, the teeny tiny small detail that a week from Tuesday i will be MOVING!!!!  still doesn't seem real to me ...

regardless, we are here tonight to talk about my middle brother B
here he is with our mom and dad

growing up, B was the brother i would have sold for some candy or a new shirt or something ... he was kinda the bane of my existence  :)  just keeping it real on here bro ...

i'm very happy to report that now i wouldn't trade him for anything!!  we have definitely come a LONG way in our relationship, which i'm very happy about!

ok - so just 3 things about B that you may or may not know!

1) the boy EXCELS at card games.  it doesn't matter what we are playing: go fish, old maid, texas hold 'em or rook, he will beat you almost EVERY time ... he has the inane ability to read the entire situation, almost know every time what cards every other player is holding in their hands and what card they are going to play next.  he's really difficult to beat and every time we have a family gathering where cards are involved, we all want B on our team!!
he and I at his wedding in 2011

2) he will do ANYTHING for someone he loves ... that saying "give him the shirt off your back" applies to B.  he's also one of these renaissance guys ... knows a little about almost everything ... so he's very handy to have around! he can work on your car, paint your house, put on a new roof, fix your leaking toilet, build a deck and clean your gutters (these are all things he has done in the past several months for his family and friends)  he is the caretaker for both his family and his wife's family. if any of us needs help with something, B is the one we know we can call. he has ran errands for me in the past and comes over to let my dog out if i'm working late or have to go somewhere after work and can't come straight home.  without me ever asking him, when he heard i was planning to move, he made sure that he would be available to help me.  so he's going to drive the moving truck and help me load and unload all my stuff next week. the initiative he has is probably the thing i admire most about him.  the ability to see something that needs to be done and to just do it ...

3) the thing I will love B the most for - is the fact that he gave me my very 1st niece.  my shorty :)  i met her for the 1st time when she was about 2 weeks old and she stole my heart from that very first meeting.  she lives in a different state so B doesn't get to see her very often.  but when he does, he makes sure he treasures the time he has with her and makes sure she is around the entire family as much as possible.  i'm so grateful to him for giving me my first change to be an auntie :)  a job you all must know by now that i cherish

B and his daughter at his wedding

so there you have it ... i'm thinking that you all wish you had a middle brother like mine :)

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Benjamin Lynn said...

Thanks sis. Love you. We are gonna miss you and Riley.