Friday, May 25, 2012

enjoying life (again)

so after my little mini meltdown on wed night and my little 30 minute pity party i was able to re-focus and figure out some things i could do to get me out of my funk .... 

here are my 3 things for this friday night

1) today was GREAT!!  work went really good!  my "problem child" was off so while that meant extra work, it also meant zero DRAMA!!  my boss took a few of us out to lunch today. And, my normal friday afternoon report that sometimes can take 45-60 minutes was done in 15 minutes!  i even got to leave 1/2 hour early!!  which on a holiday weekend, it's like 1/2 day :)  then met up with the BFF tonight and did a little shopping and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory - YUM ... i'm still full. today would have been enough to yank me out of my funk but wait, there's more ...

2) tomorrow is work at the 2nd job but afterwards, i'm meeting a good friend for some adult beverages and conversation - (maybe i actually DO have a social life). as well, i'm planning to head to NJ on sunday to see another good friend and her new twin baby girls :)  some of my shopping tonight was for them - children's place has the cutest clothes ever in case you didn't know this already!!  (commercial break: everything in the store is on sale this weekend - $3, $5 and $8!!!)

3) this could be construed as really lame, but i'm ALREADY excited for november 16th!!  some of you should know just by the date why this excites me ... but if you don't, it's our traditional girls trip to NYC for midnight vampire movie extravaganza!!!!! this is the last movie so therefore i'm putting it out there now, ladies ... NO EXCUSES!!!  get babysitters and put your time off requests in now for work ... i'm already wondering if we can make a 2 day excursion out of it this time??? i'm thinking we might need to watch the other 3 movies first and make a totally cheesy day out of it :)  thoughts???

alrighty all - happy rachael has returned!!
hope you all have great plans for this weekend!


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