Saturday, May 12, 2012

saturday night musings

happy saturday everyone!!  it was a gorgeous day today in upstate NY (well, i will say it looked like a gorgeous day out as i sat at a desk with a headset glued to my ear from 1200-830pm... anyway, i digress )

my thoughts for today are kinda jumbled and all over the place

1) a random shout-out to a co-worker!!.  when i walked into my part-time job today my "saturday buddy" Amy told me she was excited i was blogging and was even reading my blogs on her phone.  such a small statement but it made me happy :) so thanks for reading A!!  let me just tell you, amy is a very cool person and her life is very much like a musical, at times she will burst into song and at other times speaks in a random accent ... but even if i didn't know that much about her, i would know she is amazing for 1 very small fact ... she shares my mutual love and admiration for one Logan Echolls.  (if you do not know who i'm talking about, i feel very sad for you) so thanks for reading Amy!  i've subscribed to your blog too! i don't think i have enough thoughts in a day to measure up to your level of blogging ... lol

2) i'm not sure how i feel about this whole growing old gracefully thing ... first of all, am i old enough to have to think about aging gracefully?  apparently i am as i currently sit with hair dye in my hair, coloring both the roots and the dreaded grays.  do we really only get 1/3 of our life to have beautiful natural colored hair???  although if i had to vote, right now, i will take gray hair over wrinkles ... which i know are only minutes away from appearing - see i am focusing on the positive which means it still counts as blog worthy!

3) looking back over the past week, i can say that focusing on the positive and things i can share has kept me in the right frame of mind (most of the time).  when i focus on the good, i don't get bogged down in the drama and negativity that can potentially surround me at the office. i've liked reading back on what i've already written about this week and while nothing is at all earth shattering, for me i think it's good progress. i'm happy to look for life lessons in small details and even happier to have a routine in which i share those lessons with others ...

thank you to those who have read my posts this last week!  thanks for the encouraging words and please feel free to comment on here or on facebook if you want .. just knowing i have readers encourages me to continue on this journey in positive-ity :)



Anonymous said...

Yay! I do love your blog. I am always inspired by your positivity. You make Saturdays at Crazytown so much more bearable! :)

Gail B said...

:) from GRB!