Sunday, May 13, 2012

it's a new week

today was a day to celebrate ... so here were my 3 things to celebrate this day

1) it was my 1st day off after working 29 straight days... prior to today, my last day off was April 13th (Yankees opening day and i stayed home from work to watch all the festivities).  so yes you can say i was more than a little thrilled to have today off!  i am so very thankful for my 2nd job for so many different reasons!  it's work that i enjoy, they are very flexible with my schedule and allow me to work all of the shifts i am able to work, i get along with all of my co-workers, there is no drama to get involved in, the pay is decent, and they keep moving me up and training me in new roles.  june 24th will be my 2nd anniversary with the answering service and i have enjoyed just about every shift!! can you say that about your 1st or 2nd job???

2) it was Mother's Day and i got to spend the whole day with my mom!  we went to church together, grabbed coffee at starbucks and headed on a little 1 1/2 hour roadtrip. We had some really good conversation on the way to our destination so that the 90 minutes felt more like 15!  our destination was the Mohonk Mountain House.  if you have never been here and you live in NY, you are missing out!  the location is breathtaking, the hotel itself is almost 150 years old and when you are there, time pretty much stands still.  there are all these crazy details, all of the fencing and railings are made out of actual trees, all of the buildings were built on and around these huge rocks... there is a very serene lake, tons of walking / hiking trails, potentially award winning landscaping and then there is the food.  now, you pay a very hefty price for their mother's day brunch, but i can promise you, it might just be worth every penny you pay!!  

3) i have blogged every day for over a week now!  for me that is worthy of celebrating!  i have a habit of having great ideas and getting them started and then somewhere along the way i lose interest.  so far that hasn't happened with this.  i think the discipline of it is refreshing in a way.  i have found myself at different times this last week trying to keep my mind open for possibilities of things to talk about on here.  and that has forced me to start looking at situations very differently!

i am headed back to Portland, ME tomorrow!  this time for the whole work week!  in case you were wondering, it's a lot harder to pack work clothes than jeans and shirts!!! 
i am bringing the laptop with me and plan to continue this nightly practice.  


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