Sunday, May 20, 2012

it's been a few days

sorry for the lapse in blogging but honestly maine was pretty boring so there wasn't really much that inspired me to write ... and then friday night and sat / sun were pretty much a blur as i was working most of that time as well ...

there were 14 of us all together in maine from my organization, including the CFO, the CMO, department heads, directors and even our new Vice President. (i'm still not 100% sure why i was there ... ha)  anyways, the VP was in her first official week on the job and that was spent with us in Maine ... we hoped we didn't scare her away...

here is one picture i will share with you from my trip.  this was taken thursday night, we did make it to the ocean in honor of one person's birthday.  we went to Cape Elizabeth and got to eat dinner at this really super cute little place called The Lobster Shack.  This was our view while we ate at picnic tables outdoors

breathtaking right???

so i have been mulling a few things over in my head and i plan to have an actual blog tomorrow with my 3 things ...

my epiphany from the last few days is that i was thought i would love to travel for my job.  i thought it would be exciting, see exotic places, the ever change scenery, meeting new people, etc. after this last week of being away, it really is not as glamorous as i once had envisioned it.  it's kind of a pain to pack dress clothes, with matching shoes and jewelry for 5 days.  it's a little sad to live out of a suitcase and be away from things familiar and comforting.  despite the ridiculously comfortable king sized bed with it's 6-7 pillows in the hotel, i missed my bed... i missed my friends and my puppy and even my co-workers.  i like my daily routine and it was disconcerting to have it all different for a week.  despite having fun and laughing a lot with some of the people i traveled with, i missed home. 

my bed felt pretty heavenly on friday night, even more so because my pup was curled up against my back :)

here is a pic of him with his new maine lobster chew to i brought home for him

good night :)

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