Monday, May 28, 2012

what a great weekend!!

every monday i walk into work and people ask the same thing ... you can probably guess what it is ... yep

"how was your weekend" and almost every monday i automatically answer "good" or "busy" ... because honestly, my weekends are virtually non-existent ... i work every saturday and every other sunday ... so what is a weekend??

(sidebar, i started watching downton abbey today and got through the first 2 episodes ... i don't know all their names yet ... but when the "ma-ma" hears that the new 3rd cousin who is a lawyer plans to learn the business of running downton abbey on the weekends, she asks hilariously "what exactly is a week-end" (and of course in her british accent, the emphasis is on the word "end" so it's even better than when i say it ... anyways, that's kind of how i feel most mondays ... what exactly is a "week-end")

anyhoo, back on track ... tomorrow when i walk into work and i get asked about my weekend i'm honestly going to be able to respond and say "it rocked"

friday night i had a very important date with the BFF ... we did a lil' shopping, had some a-mah-zing (Happy Endings anyone??) dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and then did our normal traditional wander around Target until closing time ritual ... 

saturday i worked and it was pretty stressful, cuz it was crazier than normal and the big boss lady kept insisting people be sent home ... so those of us who were left to work, were basically overworked ... nevertheless, my 8 1/2 hours FLEW by so i can't REALLY complain.  and after work, i was able to meet up with a good friend who i don't see very often and we had some drinks and very bad for us loaded french fries ... we got to sit outside and chat about our lives for a few hours which was a fantastic end to an otherwise insane day

sunday i had a 12 hour adventure ... i drove to NJ, spent several hours there and drove back home ... but while i was there i got to have much needed cuddle time with these 2 cuties

their parents and i have been friends since 2005 and have we could probably write a book on all of our adventures together ... they (sadly for me) moved to NJ a few years ago and so it's hard to see them that often anymore ... so i was happy to find the time to make the trip, to get to know their new additions and catch up on their lives

then today - Memorial Day - a national holiday to remember the sacrifices that were made so that we can have all of the freedoms we have ... my one brother is a Marine and posted this as his facebook status today 
"Is it wrong of me to be angered by signs that say "Memorial Day Celebration", like it's some party? Or when someone says "Happy Memorial Day!" or to see local politicians riding around with their names and faces stuck to the sides of classic cars through Riverside National Cemetery, where the cars will catch the attention of the many people who have gathered to honor the brave fallen service members of our armed forces? Angry is a poor choice for that last one, perhaps. Not strong enough to accurately describe my emotions."

thank you Sam for reminding me that today really is supposed to be a sober day, a day of reflection and thanksgiving, a day to remember ... and what do we as Americans do???  our malls have sales, we gather for BBQ's and we officially kick of summer ... none of those things are bad at all, but they have become what Memorial Day is actually about and not a day to remember those who died so we could be free ... 
so what did i do today??? participated in a family BBQ ... gave the dog a haircut and a bath ... hung out with my family ... and talked with my KY bro for 1 1/2 hours on the phone ... again ... all of these things are inherently good things but i neglected to take time out of my day to actively focus and reflect upon those who made that ultimate sacrifice for me ... 
but i truly am thankful and appreciative of these sacrifices ... i do understand how fortunate it was that i was born in this country and have the freedoms i have ... to worship God the way i want to worship him, to move freely from state to state, to work at a job i picked out, to have the choice to marry and have children if i so desired ....
sometimes i focus on all the things that are wrong with our country, the excess we exhibit, the expectation to have EVERYTHING when we want it (why else do stores need to be open 24 hrs a day???), to get bogged down in what is expected of us, to go to college, go in debt for that college experience, get a job that pays the bills even if we don't love it, buy a house we can't afford, buy a car we can't afford, get married, have kids we don't have time to hang out with and actually PARENT because we are too busy working to have all of this "stuff" that we don't need
phew ... 
sorry ..
okay so i am saying Thank You know to all the men and women who have sacrifice their lives so that i can live with all of these freedoms ... freedoms i take for granted and never even think about ... 
so, how was your weekend???

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