Tuesday, May 15, 2012

last week, a 6 hr mtg, this week an 8 hr mtg

yep you read that right.  i'm here in sometimes sunny portland and spent day 1 of 4 in all day meetings ... it's tedious work but the end result should be worth-while!!  so on 1 hand it was nice to be done at 430 and have the rest of the night free but on the other hand ... when your brain is tired ... what do you really want to do??? certainly not go exploring!!

so a quiet dinner in the hotel, quiet reading time in my room and then some adult beverages with some co-workers ... all in all, it's a vacation from what my regular life is like ...

1) our new VP started this week and she is spending the week with us here ... perhaps i should get to know her???

2) an hour in a very nice hotel room with a book and some york peppermint patties is quite luxurious - in case you were wondering ...

3) some of my co-workers are funnier than i knew ....

hope you all had a great day - i heard it was 'eventful' back at my office so i'm more than a little thankful i was here instead :)

night night,


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