Monday, May 14, 2012

travel day

today was honestly pretty unremarkable.  i rode 5 hours in a mini-van with 4 other co-workers to Portland, ME. here are my 3 thoughts about today

1) it's fun to laugh so hard you are literally 2 seconds away from peeing your pants - yup that actually happened to me today

2) 50 year old woman are still deep down high school girls at heart with their gossip and back-biting ... right down to which car they will ride in and which table they will sit at.  i'm very thankful i am the 'baby' of the group and can try really hard to just be 'everyone's friend' ... i will admit it's hard to not get sucked into the drama but i'm going to work really hard these next few days to be not be THAT girl

3) i do love being able to see the ocean / harbor every time we drive somewhere .. one day i'd like to live near the water ... 

more to report tomorrow
good night

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