Wednesday, May 9, 2012

i'm pretty sure i overworked my brain today

i wonder if albert einstein's brain every hurt him ... mine certainly did today ... but this blog is about the positive so how am i going to turn this around??

1) my accomplishment today ... yes ... that is how i'm viewing it ... i was in a meeting today from 8:30 to 2:00 pm.  45 patients were discussed and all that discussion was documented by me, myself and i.  i basically typed on a laptop for 5 1/2 hours ... then when that was over with, i had all the rest of my work waiting for me. including some quality data reporting.  wait, don't fall asleep yet.  i'm happy about how much i got accomplished today!  despite my brain hurting ...

2) last night in my college bible study, we were studying luke chapter 2 ... when the baby Jesus is presented at the temple when he was 40 days old.  i've never thought about the reason he was presented before.  we studied some of the jewish culture.  the 40 days was the time it took for mary to be deemed 'clean' after giving birth.  and by default mary's baby would be deemed unclean as well.  that would explain why the jews might have been resistant to Jesus being their savior. how could their deliverer have ever been deemed 'unclean'.  it's interesting to think and talk about those early days of Jesus.  how at age 12 he knew more than the smartest scholars of the day.  we talked about just when as a young child he realized He was the Son of God.  maybe all along??  we may have even discussed the merit of tattooing on our bodies the questions we want to ask God when we get to heaven ... 

3) draw something is my favorite app right now ... i've had it about a month now and i'm addicted.  and i'm not even a good artist!!!  do you play??? if so, start a game with me!!!  it's a little lame to admit i know but were you in a 6 hour meeting today???

if you are reading, leave me a comment ... :)


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